Avolite d9-336 canvas controller


Created in consultation with leading visual designers, and alongside expert industrial designers, D9 is ready for the next generation of ultimate shows and beyond. With vast screen real-estate, all-new controls, and unique media integration it intuitively combines control of all visual aspects of the show. Hand-crafted in London, built upon Avolites’ heritage of quality and reliability.

Tactile Controls

Motorised and touch-sensitive Penny and Giles faders: Optical high-res rotary faders:  Short-travel flash buttons with positive haptics for perfect timing.

Indicator Colors

Fader and Encoder level indicator colours can be defined to make it even easier to group and quickly recognise controls when it counts.


RGB level indicator on every fader which follows the halo colour of the playback. Especially useful on rotary faders when swapping pages.